Targeting APAC Gen Z& Millennials in Beauty Innovation

9 NOVEMBER 2020 | 13:00 - 13:30 (HKT/UTC+8)



Targeting APAC Gen Z& Millennials in Beauty Innovation


Both Gen Z and Millennials are a sizable demographic many Asia Pacific markets today and account of a major proportion of the population of emerging economies like India and China. This consumer segment is very important to succeed in cosmetics and personal care markets, but represent a broad group with a wide variety of needs, tastes and lifestyles. This generation will yield significant influence over the next decade and will continue to be highly influential in the global FMCG landscape. This presentation offers a "deep dive" into this consumer demographic by exploring key characteristics and nuances, including their unique attitudes and behaviors and focusing on various innovation trends such as – customization, healthy life style, make it smart.



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Sumit Chopra

Director Research & Analysis - APAC


Sumit has over 14 years of senior leadership experience in the area of research & analysis covering business strategy formulation, innovation, behavioural insights and competitive analysis. He is experienced in providing balanced view around both quantitative and qualitative analysis to interpret data, generating insights on how categories and brands can best leverage latest market trends to win consumers, drive business growth.