Sustainability and Circular Beauty (post-COVID)

12 NOVEMBER 2020 | 16:00 - 16:30 (HKT/UTC+8)



Sustainability Day

Sustainability and Circular Beauty (post-COVID)


From sustainable to circular, the focus on cradle-to-cradle design is now the ultimate goal. This has been heightened by the COVID-19 pandemic’s exposure of humanity’s impact on nature. In this webinar with WWP and CosmeticsDesign-Asia, we discuss the challenges and opportunities as we aim to better comprehend how we as an industry can make circular beauty a mainstream reality.



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Amanda Lim



Amanda Lim is a journalist with expertise in market trends and consumer insight on Asia Pacific personal care industry. She is currently the editor of leading trade publication CosmeticsDesign-Asia.

Michael Tognetti

Global Senior Director of Sustainability

WWP Beauty

Michael Tognetti plays a key role in leading the development of future-focused sustainability initiatives at WWP Beauty. Michael’s background in manufacturing includes work in the beauty, pharmaceutical, and liquor industries covering a wide range of manufacturing processes. His experience also includes work in the resin industry creating custom plastic masterbatch formulations, establishing global distribution partnerships, and facilitating audits of manufacturing facilities. He holds a BS in management and BS in marketing from Northern Arizona University.