Fashion & Beauty : Allies not Antagonists

13 NOVEMBER 2020 | 10:00 - 10:30 (HKT/UTC+8)



Fashion & Beauty : Allies not Antagonists


Carlin assist in growing synergies between beauty and fashion, indeed, many fashion houses have developed their beauty line and have diversified beyond their perfume offer, which is no longer enough.

Fashion brands dabbling into beauty is major trend and the opposite is also true, they mutually inspire each other in one way or another between culture, trends, customer experience and desire for self-expression.

Why ? Carlin will explain this booming promising business opportunity by focusing on the interactions between fashion and beauty, highlighting the new consumer behaviors and expectations that mark these industries.

Don’t wait any longer before taking the plunge!



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Claire Perrin

Export Business Developer


Claire Perrin graduated from INSEEC Business School, with a major in Fashion Marketing, Design and Brand Strategies. She recently joined Carlin's export team to continue working internationally after having had experience in Spain and England in the fashion and sportswear sectors.

Her strong interest in customer relations, marketing and all forms of creativity allow her to work and interact with internal teams, customers and partners in the Carlin Creative ecosystem.

From sociocultural to aesthetic trends, Carlin has not only the expertise to understand and anticipate what will drive future consumer desires, but also a unique talent to explain and bring these trends to life with marketing, product design and research & innovation teams.