Opportunities in the Global Skincare Sector

30 JUNE 2022 | 15:30 - 16:00 (HKT/UTC+8)



Opportunities in the Global Skincare Sector


In this session, GlobalData we will provide insights around latest market data and trend around the skincare industry. This session will cover analysis of the countries in the region, covering the key challenges, competitive landscape and demographic analysis, that can help companies gain insight into the country specific nuances. Further it will also include significant emphasis on the key trends that drive consumer choice and the future opportunities that can be explored in the region, than can help companies in revenue expansion.


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Speaker Profile

Sumit Chopra

Director, Analysis

Global Data

Sumit has over 16+ years of senior leadership experience in the area of research & analysis covering business strategy formulation, business innovation, consumer behavioural insights big data analytics, machine learning and competitive analysis. He specializes in building and leading high-performance business units that provide actionable industry, market and competitor intelligence. He has a strong record of success, has led many strategic assignments concerning Fortune 500 companies ranging from strategy formulation to execution, involving large scale process improvement, recommending innovation ideas and road map for operational excellence.