Familiarize J-beauty with Chinese Influencer: Introducing the Amazing Cosmetic products from Japan Pavilion

22 JUNE 2022 | 11:30 - 12:30 (HKT/UTC+8)


LANGUAGE: Mandarin (Translated in English) 

Familiarize J-beauty with Chinese Influencer ~Introducing the Amazing Cosmetic products from Japan Pavilion


A famous Chinese influencer living in Japan will collaborate with 6 companies from Japan Pavilion to introduce their amazing products!! Come and discover new high quality Japanese cosmetics!

  1. Sahara International Group/ Organic Soap
  2. Aishitoto Co.,Ltd/ Gelatinous Collagen, Skin Care·
  3. Izavell Co., Ltd/ Beauty Cream
  4. Alen Co., Ltd/ Toner mist, Sunscreen, Serum
  5. Kira cosmetics Co., Ltd/ Face powder, Face wash 6. The Omi Brotherhood,LTD/ Sunscreen, Menthol Lip balm


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Sandy is a former member of SNH48. She is currently a model, actress, and an influencer on Chinese SNS, mainly on Weibo, Tiktok, and RED. As an influencer, she introduces and spreads recognition of Japanese culture, tourist attractions, Japanese cosmetics, and life in Japan to Chinese consumers. She has more than 1.3 million followers on Weibo.