11 NOVEMBER 2021 | 14:30 - 15:00 (HKT/UTC+8)


Hair Demo


The Barber craze is not only popular in Europe, but also in Asia.
Two famous international Barber master from US —— Sofie Pok and Carlos Estrellam, who are having their personal styles and creative ideas, will sharing their Barber technologies and trend designs with our audiences. And, how to make use of electric clipper for a perfect creative look.  
Everyone can get more inspiration whether hair Tattoo or haircutting from the performing show.   


Event Partner:







Sofie Pok

Global Educator for BaByliss Pro

-    Barber 
-    Global Educator
-    Filmaker / Visual Artist
-    Photographer
-    Editor

Sofie “Staygold” Pok has spent the last decade laser focused on building her global lifestyle brand, Staygold LA. She began as a skillful barber with a quest for sharing knowledge and has tuned into a highly sought after Visual Artist with a love for global hair education, filmaking and photography. Followed by over 397,000 perople daily, Sofie enjoys being an open book on her journey to becoming one of the (if not, thee) most respected female barber’s in the world.

Featured in a number of magazines and winning many awards the last few years at lot of the American Influencer Awards, Sofie Staygold has become a household name. 

Sofie has an unwavering love for technology, social media and self-discovery. She is a creator who can’t be stopped! 

Carlos Estrella (Los cut it)


Carlos has been in hair industry for 20 years, is a barber from Chicago, USA. He has been focusing on men's barber service and well-known in the market for his hair Tattoo technique. He is also an artist because he likes painting, he is going to merge art and technology into one for hair design as always. Not only can express his full heart himself, but also to show his unique creations to others at the same time.