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Beauty Survey 2020 Key Insights

Euromonitor International

Health care and hygiene have been two of the top priorities for consumer in 2020, resulting in a surge in sales for hand sanitising products. This report examines the top consumer habits and preferences in beauty and personal care arising from the global pandemic.

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Launched in: November, 2020

The Value Shift


So much has changed in 2020. Before this year, words such as “quarantine” or “lockdown” seemed the stuff of dystopian films or fiction, and expressions such as “social distancing” weren’t daily vocabulary staples.

Meanwhile, the changes WGSN predicted for the next decade – think above-the-keyboard dressing, called out as one of the 20 Trends for the 2020s, digitisation and adaptogens – have accelerated and gone mainstream in a matter of months.

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Launched in: September, 2020

Beauty Insights: Consumers Prioritize Health and Wellness, Expanding the US Beauty Market

Coresight Research

Health and wellness is expanding the beauty market. Consumers are taking a holistic view of beauty wellness that encompasses not just outer beauty but “inner” wellness. The Covid-19 pandemic has heightened consumer focus on good health as both a priority, and wellness as a sign of beauty. Consumers are increasingly paying attention not only to what they put on their skin but what they put in their bodies. The pandemic has led many consumers to become hyper-vigilant about germs, contaminants and product ingredients, as well as raising awareness of environmental factors. In addition, the crisis emphasized other health and wellness areas, including mental and emotional wellness, sleep and nutritional health. This is increasing the opportunity for beauty retail.

Launched in: September, 2020