BIOLINE JATÒ de-ox c Evolution Treatment

2020 年 11 月 10 日 | 16:00 - 16:20 (HKT/UTC+8)




Revitalizing treatment combing the most advanced forms of Vitamin C with innovative functional substances and active complexes with a twofold objective: to have an all-round protective action from environmental stressors and signs of ageing due to oxidation and glycation process. Cutting-edge cosmetic formulations release the active ingredients in the heart of the skin tissue, whilst maintaining high sensory performances. 

Indicated for skin that is frequently exposed to the sun, UV lamps, pollution, atmospheric agents and stress. Recommended for mature, prematurely aged, and dull skin in order to recover tone and luminosity. Also ideal for young skin to prevent the damages of environmental stressors and maintain elasticity and compactness.









Laura Cazzanelli


Laura Cazzanelli is a beauty therapist, who got her degree as Beauty Operator at SEA - School of Advanced Aesthetics - in Trento, Italy.  

She has been working within Bioline company since 2017, as aesthetician in Bioline Jatò beauty insitute first, and now as International Beauty Trainer providing professional training to Bioline Jatò distributors in Italy and worldwide. She is also integrated in Bioline Jatò R&D department and manages the internal test process regarding new products’ development. 
Though her young age, she is extremely passionate about her job, keeping herself up-to-date on latest trends in the beauty industry and implementing her knowledge also in English language focusing on beauty.